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Humiliation games

How to cuckold, humiliate and train your slave husband ideas




Cuckold Chastity Roulette - chastity game

My husband and I came up with a little game we call "cuckold roulette" which incorporates cuckolding, chastity, and a unique(we think) way of creating a situation where he is both rewarded and punished at the same time.

I like to fuck well hung black men, and love to have hubby lick me clean afterward, and keeping him in chastity insures his willingness to assist me in both endeavors, but our game really makes it interesting.

We purchased a cb2000 (have since switched to a 3000) and one of those cages they use for Bingo to mix up the little chips and bought some white and black poker chips.

The way the game is played is that the cage starts out with just white chips and each time I get fucked by one of my black lovers and Hubby cleans me, I put a black chip in the cage,and once a week I spin it, and let him pick out a chip (blindfolded , of course). If he picks out a white chip he stays locked up for another week, and the chip goes back in the cage. If he picks out a black chip he gets unlocked from chastity belt and I give him a hand job (He's tied up so that I could put the chastity belt back on him after he comes).

Of course the more I get fucked, the more black chips there are in the cage and the better his chances of picking out a black chip are, so he gets rewarded for being a good cuckold and helping me get fucked often. We started out with 20 white chips, and it only took 3 weeks and me getting fucked 8 times by my blk stud (I only had one then) before he managed to pick out a blk chip and he got his hand job (he came in like 2 min). I wanted each "reward" to have a "price" so each time he picks out a blk chip and gets a hand job, I add 20 to the the number of wht chips we start with and therefore make the odds of him picking a blk chip the next go round even harder, and his time in chastity longer.

After that first hand job we started with 40 wht chips and it took me getting fucked about a dozen times over 5 weeks for him to "get lucky", then 60 wht chips and it took 2 months and 24 blk chips(and therefore 24 fuckings).

He got incredibly lucky when there were 100 chips in the bin and picked out a blk chip after only 4 weeks but he had been very dilligent in seeking out a new blk stud for me who was fucking me 3 times a week in addition to my other b/f fucking me 2-3 times a week ,so there were close tp 30 blk chips..still..he beat the odds.

We are currently up to 400 chips, meaning he has come 20 times in 5 yrs, but it's been almost 6 months since he picked out a blk chip even with me now getting fucked by one of my blk lovers every night and sometimes by 2 or 3 .He practically begs then to come over and bring thier friends in hopes of bettering his odds..

by Maid Lexis



Mind Chastity Games


i was a reluctant domina at first, but soon enough i realised that i can have my hubby eating out of my hands and have fun on the side of both worlds really!

i work for an Italian company in the middle east and often travel to Milan on work. My trip normally takes 6-7 days and before leaving home i lock my hubby with the CB 2000. I have an admirer in Head Office who is constantly hitting on me....his name Giovanni and he is about 8 years younger than my hubby, with lovely eyes and a body to die for. i enjoy talking about him in glowing terms in front of hubby especially when he is all locked up....he gets jealous and aroused at the same time!

my last trip was quite was my birthday and my Italian boyfriend had it all planned for me...he hired a boat on an overnite cruise in Venice and the highlight was a sexy water was wine and romance all the way and after months of his begging, i succumbed to Giovanni's charms. And boy, did i enjoy it!! he was a fantastic lover...and i just relished the 36 hours in the boat....

 as for my husband, i made him write a detailed fantasy  on what i was doing with my Giovanni over 6 nights. he was to cook a nice meal and give me a bath when i arrived back in town, but not before he sucks me off on arrival...needless to say some traces of my boyfriends cumm is part of his breakfast!

If i liked my hubby's fantasy, i get him to jerk off in front of me...if i don;t he stays locked up for another month!

 i enjoy this!






Foot frustration tease - humiliation game


This is a technique my wife uses to great effect.


Basically, I'm restrained and forced to smell her feet in my face for an extended period of time, while remaining locked. It works especially well after a lengthy period has passed without milking or ejaculation, so I'm ready to burst. The goal is to see if she can frustrate me to the point where I start to spontaneously ooze without any penile or anal stimulation.


During the duration (sometimes an hour or two) there's no sensations except her smell, the sight of her soles in my face, and her verbal teasing and coaxing. Eventually, the frustration builds to the point where I let go and dribble my orgasm away smelling her feet. The session ends when I've leaked enough for her satisfaction. She pours whatever I've dripped across her feet and forces me to ingest it.








Ultimate Chastity Torture - chastity humiliation game


Very simple, put your sissy in his chastity belt device. Now force feed him a Viagra pill, watch the begging begin!








Beat the clock chastity game


Can I cum in 10 seconds after the alarm goes off?

My wife will treat me very special during her "time of the month."  She will set the alarm for a period of at least 15 minutes, but up to 2 hours.   I do not know what time it is set for.   She will bring me up to the edge and at my direction keep me there.  She will use her mouth and hands to edge me continuously.  I will tell her to speed up or slow down to keep me right on the edge without cuming.  When the alarm goes off she will do everything within her power to get me off, for 10 seconds.  If I don't get it off in that 10 seconds, I am out of luck because I cheated. 

The thinking is that I did not keep myself close enough to the edge, and there is no reliese.  If I cum before the alarm, there is a very nasty job, like cleaning out the inside of the garbage cans awaiting me.  Originally it started as 1 hour and 20 seconds, but as I have gotten better at control, the time is shortened so that I keep about a 50% success rate.





Chastity games by Maid Lexis:


One of my masturbatrixes favorite teases  is to unlock me and make me masturbate in front of her.  She urges me on.  When she thinks I am sufficiently aroused, she begins to lick and suck my nipples.  She knows how hot that makes me.  What makes this tease so effective is that she does everything she can to bring me to orgasm knowing that I must stop just before I ejaculate.  Sometimes she requires me to do this multiple times,but I must never ejaculate. 





Lotto Sex - Chastity Game


A fun male chastity game called "Lotto Sex". The rules are simple and it's easy to play or change the rules to your own linking.

You start out with a bag containing 14 red beads, a white bead and one green bead.

Green bead = sex for the man
Red bead = punishment beads (number of spanks)
White bead = quasi punishment bead. (delay of 7 days)

Each day that the chastised male pleasures me orally I give him one green bead to add to the bag. Each day he fails to pleasure me (regardless of fault) I put 2 red beads in the bag.

In addition a white bead is added to the bag for each day that passes. In addition I may reward him for good behavior or punish him for bad behavior by addition of the appropriate colored bead.  If he has done something worthy I add a green bead and sometimes two.

He may draw a bead from the bag any time he feels lucky. If he draws a green bead I give him sex, the bag is emptied and reset and the game begins again. If he draws a white bead he must wait seven days before he may draw again (red and green beads continuing to accrue).

If he draws a red bead we total the number of red and white beads in the sack, I spank him that many times, the bag is reset and the game begins again.

(Obviously the red beads are pulled most often.  This is the fun of the game.  Chastity is pretty much continuous but with some hope of release with the green bead.  Also, the better he acts the more green beads accumulate in the bag increasing the chance of him pulling a green sex bead.)

Obviously a couple could add additional bead colors to make the game more interesting as well.  Depending on the type of play a couple enjoys here are a few suggestions:

Orange Bead: One orange bead is added to the bag.  If the male pulls the orange bead he must submit to a strap-on session with his wife.  (But some males very much like it could be a pleasure bead or a punishment bead if the male does not like anal sex.

Black Bead: For a couple engaged in cuckolding the black bead could mean the submissive must orally pleasure his wife's lover.

Purple Bead: A purple bead might added and means the submissive has to submit to a full day of being filled with a butt plug.






A tease and denial torture - humiliation game

  This is how i was introduced into tease and denial about 10 years ago.

My Girlfriend had convinced me to let Her tie me up,i was bound naked to a chair gagged and told i had to beg Her to let me cum. Well i am gagged with a hand towel and duct tape so i can't speak and this is when She began. She brought out a small make up brush and started slowly running it up and down my cock the feeling was like nothing i had ever experienced,She would tightly squeeze my cock in Her hand and lightly run the brush over the head of my cock, the desire to cum was almost instant, it was just a few minutes and i was squirming in the chair trying to talk through my gag.

She kept asking me if i wanted to cum and i kept shaking my head yes,Her reply was you have to beg Me not shake your head at Me. After about 30 minutes She stopped smiled and said thats all for this week if you are good for the next 2 weeks we will try again, but the rule is you have to beg for release.




A Great Tease


First you will need a good graphic viewer. There are a few good freeware graphic viewers out there but for this tease I have found that IrfanView works the best because of its slideshow capabilities. It is able to randomize a huge slideshow of pictures and you can change the display time to anything you desire.

How it Works

My wife would open the slideshow option in IrfanView and add all of my favorite pictures that arouse me to no end. Mine were mostly pictures of brides wearing beautiful wedding gowns and/or french maids. I had about 400 to 500 pictures to choose from and she would load 100 of them as the slideshow.

You can add or remove to your liking to fit your needs. She would pick 1 picture as the "source picture" for me. The slideshow would be set to randomize all 100 pictures and to change in 5 second intervals. I had to keep myself aroused and very near the edge of orgasm but not allowed orgasm until the source picture came onscreen. When it did, I had 5 seconds in which to begin my orgasm. If I missed it I would have to wait for it to come up again and this could sometimes take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.

If it came up 3 times and I failed to orgasm within those 5 seconds, that meant 3 strikes and you're out and I would have to wait to try again the following day. I never realized how hard it is to cum on demand within 5 seconds even as close to the edge as I would be. I once went 43 days without an orgasm due to the strike 3 and you're out rule. I hope that you try it and if you do I think you'll like it. Good'll need it.




Punishment Chastity Tease Game


my punishment for unauthorized wanking

my Wife/Mistress recently busted me for unauthorized wanking, in spite of the fact i did not achieve orgasm. She had me put on panties, (which always get sme going) along with a very small rubber cock ring. She affixed clothes pins to my nipples and then slipped my raging boner out of the panties, so that the elastic band was behind my balls. Soon several clothes pins were fastened along the shaft. We watched TV while her hand rubbed the inside of my thigh, getting close but never wuite touching my genitals. 

She removed everything after about an hour (!!) and alloweed me to recover. Mind you, i'm naked save the panties and Her head is on a pillow on my lap, so that Mr Happy is right in front of Her face. She takes some lubricant and begins to give me an excrutiatingly slow handjob, focusing on the knob on the up-stroke. i can feel an orgasm beginning but it never seems to arrive. After 15-20 minutes of this She pulls the front of the panties over my erection then lightly runs Her nails up and down, up and down, over and over, slapping my balls now and again while lecturing me. 

i am panting like a marathon runner, blind with lust and a raging hard-on. I'm ordered to put the CB 3000 back on after all this. W/we cuddled in bed before turning out the light, Her soft sexy lips suckling my nipple while Her hand rests next to my ball sac. 

While this may not sound as severe as other punishments, i sure had a nasty case of blue balls. For the record, She's still pissed, telling me it'll be a month before i'm released. This is only Day 1.
Office chastity humiliation game

My "office Mistress" works for me in my office. About once a month we play a game that she loves. Usually on a Wednesday Mistress locks me in my CB3000 and takes the key. Some minor teasing occurs on Wednasday and Thursday in preparation for Friday. By Friday morning I am a shaking horny dripping mess.On Friday I have to take a viagra in the morning and after lunch. I insert the Oyster remotecontrol viberator in my ass.

Mistress has a 40ft range with her remote control. With in seconds after she buzzes me I get a boner that is so strong that it feels like it will pull my balls out. The pain from this is enough to start a gradual return to a semi hardon but it is never to long before she buzzes me again.

Some times she will have me eat lunch with the other girls and buzz me to watch my reaction. She truley loves this push button control over my cock. Once she had me go to the local mall with the CB3000 removed. She had me try on clothes,purchase panties, talk to sales clerks etc. I had to walk around with an obvious boner. My face was red with embarassment, I was scared shaking and verry horney.

We have had many adventures playing in the last few years. Let me know if you would like to hear about some of them.


Blind Man Chastity Humiliation Game
This is a new game I invented for my pathetic husband.

I allow my slave husband to cum once or twice a month, usually in humiliating ways. I recently invented a new one. When I have decided he may have an orgasm, I will make him strip down, wearing only his chastity device, blindfold him and restrain him and lock him in my shoe closet for about 30 minutes.

During this time I will place the key on the floor somewhere in our large house that has wooden floors throughout. I will then let him out the closet, untie him but leave him blindfolded. I then command him to crawl around the house, naked and blindfolded, on his hands and knees in search of the key.

If he finds the key he may unlock himself, masturbate to orgasm and then get locked back in. If he has not found the key within the 1 hour time limit - then he does not get to cum for at least another 2 weeks.

I love watching him crawl around like a pathetic little animal desperately searching for the key. I always place it somewhere obscure. I also leave some objects out on the floor that will cause him some pain when crawled over. Last week I let him crawl around for 2 hours looking for the key. He never found it. Because I never left it out. ;)







Night out key chastity game


A fun game for b/f and g/f who do not live together but see each other several time a week.

A fun game for b/f and g/f who do not live together but see each other several time a week.
John locks himself into the little plastic restraint before leaving home, and when he collects or meets Marian, gives her both keys (he has NOT kept a spare!) and two stamped, unsealed envelopes - one has John's address on, and one has Marian's.  Marian deals with the keys and envelopes out of John's sight, and posts them both during the evening.
Marian chooses whether to put:
  • - one key in each envelope (in which case John won't get unlocked that night, and will have to stay restrained for at least an extra day until his key arrives).  If he is spending e.g. the weekend with Marian, her key may arrive while he is there, and she can choose to unlock him (or not).
  • -both keys in her own envelope (again John won't get unlocked that night, and will have to stay restrained until Marian chooses to release him after the post has arrived).  In this case John will be especially anxious to see Marian in the next few days, and won't be interested in having a night down the pub with the lads, or working late!
  • - one key in an envelope, and another tucked away out of sight in her pocket or elsewhere.  John won't know she's done this, so she can choose later whether to leave him restrained for a couple of days, or to admit that she kept a key and unlock him if she feels the need for traditional penetrative sex or thinks he's earned a treat.
On evenings when John is restrained, we tend to have a lot more kissing and cuddling when we get home, as John knows there's no point in trying to speed things up and get down to the old-fashioned way of doing things.  Marian also finds she gets much more oral, including roaming around her body, and it doesn't stop until she asks - John is much more affectionate and passionate when he's under restraint, so there's a lot of hugs and romantic gestures in public as well.   
As John can never be sure that Marian hasn't kept a hidden key, he is always anxious to please, but by posting both keys, Marian can be sure she won't weaken and release John against her better judgement.  Once when Marian decided John needed an extra-long period of restraint, she posted the keys to her mum's address, who she wouldn't be seeing for a week. 
It's a great way to improve intimacy and passion, as well as putting Marian in charge! 
Love and kisses,
Marian and John
Wheel of Frustration
The perfect game, once a cockteasing girl has worked her man up to the edge of orgasm a few frustrating times. The perfect game, once a cockteasing girl has worked her man up to the edge of orgasm a few frustrating times.

Ideally, it would be great to spin a giant "Wheel of Frustration," and then whatever it lands on, he has to pay.

But the easier way is just to make a list of ways that he can pay/suffer, numbered 2 through 12. Then roll two dice to see which one he has to pay tonight.

Something like this:

If you roll... his price for an orgasm is...

2. Two dollars (exact change only)
3. Three more trips to the edge (but no orgasm tonight)
4. No orgasm tonight
5. "Just a little ice"
6. A light ball squeeze
7. Seven dollars (exact change only)
8. Begging on his knees
9. Tonight's is free!
10. Maybee pickes the price
11. A hard ball squeeze
12. Naked in the front yard

If you want to tweak the list, just remember how dice work. Numbers toward the center (like 6,7 and 8) come up a LOT more than numbers at the edge (like 2 and 12).


Some easy cuckold ideas:


1) Tell him he can be in the same room while you fuck his wife only if he is under the bed. Seeing the bed springs move up and down as you pound away at his wife will be humiliating for him. Make sure he gets an ear full of your sex talk and sex sounds.


2) Post about your session with her on a public forum and email him the link to read it and all the comments.


3) More advanced version of #2: Film you fucking her and post it. Tell him to take a look and read the comments about his once innocent wife.


4) Take a picture of her sucking you, print it and put it somewhere only he will find it at work.


5) Have him pick you up and drop you back home. Have him thank you for fucking his wife. Mine actually had me do this and it's hot.


6) Tell him you want to tell you buddies about his wife.


7) After you and his wife have finished having sex. Let him cum. Only he has to jerk off. In front of you two while you and her giggle, snicker, point and whisper in each other's ears about what he is doing.


8) Really good bulls understand the love connection between the husband and wife so this next bit takes understanding.


Have of them on all fours and facing each other holding hands and gazing into each others eyes. If they really love each other this will be easy for them to get into this position. It is important to wait until they get into a lovers space with each other. Let them kiss and be in love. At this point and after she is ready, start fucking her in this position (doggy style).


What happens is remarkable. Try it.



Chastity belt stories: Ruined orgasms
...I use this opportunity to either milk him by massaging his prostate and seminal vesicle combined with one-way milking of his cock or by emptying him by ruining his orgasm. I prefer the latter because this means less work by me and an even more satisfying result. By ruining his orgasms I take away and reduce his hornyness and sexdrive for a while and this is what I really want to achieve...


Chastity point game
...I keep score and I interpret and clarify any game rules as needed. Also, any breach in CB security wipes out all points...





The Blow up doll Humiliation Fantasy


This one rocks my world a lot lately. Maybe it's because I am locked up and would fuck just about anything. There are a lot of alternatives to this fantasy but the humiliation of it is always the same.


I am fed viagra, locked in a cage with a blow up doll, (we have a cage BTW) and told to watch as my wife carries on with man after man. "It's OK honey" she soothes, "no one will care". "Go ahead and get your rocks off with your plastic friend". The moment I do start fucking the doll her and her lover she's with at the time begin giggling and laughing at me. But I just can't help it. I fuck it again and again as she's getting fucked on our bed out side the cage again and again.


I have never ever wanted to have sex with a blow up doll and never have owned one. But mixed with the humiliation of it... The Viagra part adds an element of not being able to help myself. Sometime I imagine being filmed as I go to town on it and have the video spread on a forum such as this or used as blackmail.


One such fantasy involves me being bound to the doll with rope so that my penis is at her opening and as the action gets going with my wife so my cock hardens and enters the doll against my will. Not having any other way to stimulate myself causes me to begin thrusting....


You get the picture.


It might end up that the only time I get to cum is by way of humiliating sex with a blow up doll.


Dick Diva



Cock in mouth Humiliation



Before the legalization of pornograpy, the only real raunch was in novelettes. I collected and read a lot of them. I recall one in which a man was dominated by his wife. She made a practice of humiliating him with other men.


She would tease him, tie him up, make him kiss her feet. As his training progressed, she kept him in chastity. Finally she decided that he would only be allowed to have an orgasm with a cock in his mouth. He was bound on a horse face down, as her boyfriend stuck his cock in her husband's mouth, she would jerk him off. If he stopped sucking, she would stop stroking.


After a while he was conditioned that every time the husband saw the bull's cock, he would get excited. His wife successfully conditioned him to be excited by the sight of a cock. They would tease him by waving the cock in his face and watching him become excited whether he likes it or not.


This would be a great way of humiliating a cuck. He is only allowed an orgasm with the bull's cock in his mouth.


How about a variation on this where the husband is only allowed an orgasm with the bull's cock up his ass. After long term conditioning, the cuck would be trained to have an orgasm without stimulation of his cock, but solely by being fucked in the ass.


I wonder if that is possible.