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Chastity belt story - Enforced male chastity belt training story

I wanted to share my thoughts and my experience with enforcing male chastity on my husband. I utilized the CB3000 as his chastity training device. I say training device because that is what a chastity belt is meant to be, a training device, not a permanent device. I recommend the CB3000 chastity belt because it is clear, plastic and hygienic. Leather chastity belts are acceptable for use during a D&S session but they are not practical for long-term training...


Chastity belt story - Chastity servant husband story

Jane said that Jim was such a good sub because of heavy discipline and chastity belt. Except for very infrequent masturbation sessions, he is kept chaste 24/7. He is whipped weekly and is kept on a very strict diet and exercise regimen...


Chastity belt story - Sissy husband in chastity belt story

 After extensive internet research I decided on three things; that from now on he would be doing all the housework and the cooking, that I would totally feminize/sissify him, and that he would be kept in chastity belt...  That something special was the Curve chastity belt which was already in my handbag. I knew that he would be, at best, reluctant to accept the idea...


Chastity belt story - Sexual slave male chastity story

When I get ultimately aroused, when my balls become big and my throbbing member starts leaking with pre-cum, She puts ice on it and locks it back into the chastity belt. It is terrible and fantastic at the same time...  She says I will be wearing my chastity belt 24/7 even after the wedding, although we will be living together and She will have the opportunity to control me in person more often...


Chastity belt story - CB2000 permanent chastity story

Sarah bought me a CB2000 and told me that she wanted me to get use to wearing a chastity device. The thought of her controlling my sexual release was exciting to her...  I was always locked up in the CB2000 chastity belt and I would have to tongue her ass and lick her pussy for hours... I would grow so hard and fill the CB2000 chastity belt and my balls would ache from being aroused and denied. I would go to bed and fantasize about Sarah and the only relief I was getting were occasional wet dreams.   


Chastity belt story - Access Denied chastity story

When my absolute limit (usually about 25-30 strokes) was reached, I would burst into tears, and collapse on my knees before her, frantically embracing her around the waist, thanking and kissing her, and, if she were wearing her dildo, unconsciously fellating her...


Chastity belt story - Chastity slave husband story

Tina  then handed me a chastity contract and told me I had two choices either I could sign the contract and wear the chastity belt or she would divorce me....  I now owned nothing and had agreed to be Tina's chastised slave.  


Chastity belt story - Male chastity and financial slavery story

I had to wait for 12 days for the CB2000 chastity belt to arrive. When it did, I could hardly wait for my husband to come home so I could put it on him and lock it up. When he did arrive home, I had him strip like he has been doing each night when he arrived in my presence. I produced the CB2000 chastity belt and I placed it on him. It was very difficult to get it on him the first time and he bitched and moaned that I was pinching his flesh. What a wimp he is. I persevered and when I locked the little pad lock, it was like music to my ears. Even if my husband was masturbating, there was no chance of that happening now with the CB2000 chastity firmly in place.




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