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Cuckold husband stories

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Cuckold husbands locked in chastity belt stories

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Why and how a cuckold's penis can & should be denied:


Chastity is the deliberate control and denial of sexual activity - orgasm denial. For cuckold couples, this is most often applied to the cuckold husbands. Though chastity doesn't require hardware (forced chastity), most cuckolds are unable to resist rubbing their penis when not under immediate supervision. A chastity belt ensures that the cuckold's penis is used only when and how his Mistress and/or Master approve of. It's also the best way of denying the cuckold of even being erect.




Cuckold husband chastity story 34 - Husband locked up
...She told her friend Kim what was going on, and Kim recommended a chastity belt. Kim told my wife that her husband had an affair and the chastity belt saved their marriage. As a result, Kim's husband faithfully wears a chastity belt. Annette gave me an ultimatum: wear a chastity belt or not only would she get a wife's pussy was full of another man's cum which symbolized that my penis is not the least bit necessary for the wife's sexual fulfillment...


Cuckold husband chastity story 35 - Bobo's story - chastity and cuckolding
...After reading sodafeds story of his milkings, my mistress has decided to give me a stroke every 3 to 5 seconds after putting a condom on she started using my tongue more, and not allowing me sex...


Cuckold husband chastity story 36 - Scot's cuckold story
...Oh she releases the chastity belt to inspect my cock and balls and to tease me(while I am chained of course) but she told me that I would no longer be allowed any type of sexual relief....Except for my chastity belt and leather collar I am now to be constantly nude in the house, even when Lori brings over Tony....


Cuckold husband chastity story 37 - Creating a monster
...Bootsie said offhandedly as I gasped between her legs. "I miss getting fucked...but not by your dick." I wept a bit between Bootsie's legs. What happened now?....


Cuckold husband chastity story 38 - True marriage life
...Julie then got on her knees and started licking his penis. It had been over a year since she had my penis in her mouth. As Mark moaned to the oral delights from my wife, I remembered how much I enjoyed having her suck me....


Cuckold husband chastity story 39 - The swap club
...I protested that I was locked up, and Jill said it was OK I could use my tongue. She then informed me that Lance would be fucking her in our bed, while Sarah and I played in the lounge...


Cuckold husband chastity story 40 - Little sperm eater
..."Sweetness, Evilmommie's not mad at you, honey. This is just a part of your training.honey. Are you absolutely certain that you won't clean Evilmommie out?" Johnnie began to cry a bit. "Not-not their mess. Just mine." ....


Cuckold husband chastity movies

Simply denying a cuckold sex and forbidding masturbation without permission are in itself a way of applying chastity, but as mentioned above, most cuckolds are so aroused by their submission and cuckoldry that they are frequently erect and eager to masturbate. Restraining his penis with a device or piercing, or combination of both, not only takes care of that, but deepens his sense of submission since it's very clear to him he no longer has any control of his own penis.


Reminding the cuckold that his penis is for the wife's pleasure, as her toy rather than as a male sexual organ, is an important element of cuckold training. The cuckold has to stop thinking of his penis as a source of pleasure for himself because when he has this idea, his attention will be focused on his penis instead of his wife and her lover(s). When he is used to being restrained and frustrated, he becomes accustomed to viewing his path to his own pleasure as being directly related to pleasing his wife and lover(s) in hopes of being released and rewarded.


What sort of interval is appropriate for each cuck varies from couple to couple as does most aspects of this lifestyle. In some cases I have only locked a cuckold's penis up as punishment for rubbing it without permission or cumming without permission. In other cases, I have required cucks to be locked up whenever out of direct supervision. In most cases when I'm fucking a wife in the cuck's presence, I prefer to him not locked so we can see and increase his excitement while at the same time denying him use of it. When in a more devious mood, I'll lock his penis up so we can watch it struggle in confinement while he watches.


Yes, forced chastity causes discomfort and at times mild pain. Enduring this is very much a part of your cuckold's submission. The discomfort of his penis trying to expand for you, the aching of his balls, are all gifts to you and your lover(s). For some couples it can also be seen as punishment for being unable to pleasure the wife and needing other men to take up his slack.


When keeping your cuck in chastity, keep in mind that he will need a little lubrication (baby oil works) at the spots where the cb will rub him. Also keep in mind that prolonged denial without prostate maintenance (draining) can be detrimental to your cucks health. Not being a doctor, I can't say how often he should either be allowed to spurt or manually drained (milked) to maintain his prostate health.


Milking, as it is termed, is a process where the cucks prostate is massaged manually but a dildo or fingers via his ass and his seminal fluid will drain from his penis with out any orgasm or penis-centric pleasure whatsoever. I have seen cucks milked daily, weekly and monthly - so it varies. I would suggest that at a minimum, a cuck should at least be milked weekly. Cucks sacrifice so much to serve their Mistress and Master and being masturbated in a ritual fashion or milked in a similar ritual is important for their psychological health as well and provides another substitute for physical intimacy since their penis has been retired as a sexual organ.


I typically prefer to have cucks masturbated rather than just milked, but again, these things vary with the needs of each couple. For those looking to explore the depths of submission, the more denial the better.


Enforced chastity can be achieved through the use of a device, piercing, or combination of both.




My Husband's Views on Cuckolding


My husband and I had a lengthy and candid conversatoin on this topic last night.


He confesses that cuckoldry scares him to death. Just as I have confided in all of you that he is the most important person in my life, I am also the most important person in his. Any cuckoldry experience holds the potential to unleash emotional energy beyond what we can imagine going into it. Also, the idea of me developing an attachment to my new lover that transcends mere physical pleasure is not something either one of us would want to happen. This is a very real fear for him.


So between the two of us, we share a mutual knowledge that cuckolding is dangerous. We also,however, share a mutual understanding that it is incredibly powerful. He knows that there is nothing that will more acutely stimulate his submission than to assist me as I am taken by another man. He described his fantasies to me in this regard with great detail. Whether or not I ever go through with it, I absolutely must leave open the possibility that I will. We both need to know, for our own reasons, that I am the sovereign in our cuckold marriage. My limits are my limits, but his limits are whatever I decide that they are.


Last night, after our conversation, I took him with my strap-on with an intensity I seldom have brought to our lovemaking. I ultimately collapsed on his body in exhaustion. I saw afterwards that he was crying. I kissed his tears then ordered him to sleep on the floor at the foot of my bed.


posted by Katherine West