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Forced BI - Male chastity

Male Chastity stories - Forced BI stories


Male chastity stories about cuckolded husbands.
Cuckolding and forced BI stories.
Forced BI - the ultimate humiliation of a husband.



Male chastity story: Worshiping Diana
...Nolan's deprived cock was still hard and he held his eyes shut and softly moan "no..."as Raymond moved between his legs and took his full cock into his mouth. He sucked Nolan expertly and soon had him thrusting and spurting in orgasm in his mouth....



Male chastity story - Forced BI story: Party time
...She wanted to introduce me to a group of women who shared the pleasures of a chastised husband....Standing there wearing nothing but the harness and a chastity belt both of the looked a little confused and to how they could have a four hour erection in those belts and still be expected to walk and serve the party...




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Forced Bi  Fantasies


I have never given much thought to the idea of forcing my husband to participate in bi-sexual activities. I have always known that if I cuckold him, I would like him to clean the other man's cum from between my legs, but that's not quite the same as putting his mouth, for example, on another man's cock.


Much of the cuckold erotica involves an evolution in the sexual play to a point where the alpha male is dominating at least the cuckolded husband and forcing him to suck on his cock or in some cases open his legs to receive anal sex. Some of the cuckold stories goes a step beyond this and the alpha male ends up dominating both the submissive male and the wife. I know that the latter has no appeal to me as my authority in my own home is not to be questioned. The former, however, has some appeal, but I would not envision participating in this sort of activity in any initial cuckold experiment that I may undertake.


I want the centerpiece of the experience to be a surrender of his jealousy to his submission. I want the animal need to gaurd one's mate to be overcome by the intellectual, spiritual and perhaps equally innate need to put my pleasure above his own emotions. I want the void of humiliation to be washed away by the power of his devotion to me. This all seems better afforded by a cock between my legs as opposed to one in his mouth.


My husband denies any forced-bi fantasies. I wonder if these fantasies are common or not among submissive men.


posted by Katherine West