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The English Mansion free femdom trailers

The English Mansion updates


The English Mansion free femdom videos video trailers



The English Mansion review by Rabbit:

if you've ever wanted to know what it would be like to be dominated by a woman, then you must check out The English Mansion, where Mistress Sidonia von Bork and her friends use men for their pleasure in ultimate femdom fashion.

Daily movie updates plus over 3,500 extreme photos, short stories, articles and more fill TheEnglishMansion with good-quality content of male sex slaves being used in a variety of way from corporal punishment, cock and ball torture, humiliation, domestic and medical scenes, boot worship and a whole lot more.

The 280+ movies feature scenes of BDSM, uniforms, prisoner, medical, rubber, office, foot and various fetishes. All movies are downloadable and play with Windows Media player at both low and high speeds. However, the best ones I saw were average-looking. These movies are broken into parts and play between eight and sixty plus minutes each. You can also download the full-scene.

If you're a male looking for a stern and demanding woman, then Mistress Sidonia is just what you need. Here, male slaves are treated to strap-on anal play, forced bisexuality, boot worship, orgasm denial, specific wanking instructions and even be used as toilets. When these ladies dominate, they take full control of the situation!

Hardcore photos are also plentiful and you'll find such picture sets of the lovely Mistress herself, chastity belt teases, bondage, cock and ball torment, watersports, mummification and corporal punishment. The pictures are both clear and good in size (800x600). 

Extras are also available and include member stories, articles, the Mistress' slave training program, a diary and audio .WAV files, where Mistress Sidonia will talk to you like the pathetic worm you are.

All in all, this is a good site where female power rules supreme. With daily updates and tons of great movies for you to view over and over again, we recommend The English Mansion for those looking for a Femdom site.


Some free femdom trailers from English Mansion (just a peak):

Real hot&free trailers, do not skip:

The English Mansion Femdom Trailers 1
The English Mansion Femdom Trailers 2

The English Mansion Femdom Trailers 3

The English Mansion Femdom Trailers 4

The English Mansion Femdom Trailers 5

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The English Mansion Femdom Trailers 8

The English Mansion Femdom Trailers 9

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The English Mansion Femdom Trailers 12

The English Mansion Femdom Trailers 13

The English Mansion Femdom Trailers 14

The English Mansion Femdom Trailers 15

The English Mansion Femdom Trailers 16

The English Mansion Femdom Trailers 17

The English Mansion Femdom Trailers 18

The English Mansion Femdom Trailers 19

The English Mansion Femdom Trailers 20

The English Mansion Femdom Trailers 21

The English Mansion Femdom Trailers 22

The English Mansion Femdom Trailers 23

The English Mansion Femdom Trailers 24

The English Mansion Femdom Trailers 25




Male Chastity videos and Chastity Belt movies @ EnglishMansion



TheEnglishMansion  site review by Masturbation Invasion:

There are those out there that still see England as a green and pastoral land, filled with sexually repressed people who are at their happiest discussing the weather whilst listening to Test Match Special on Radio 4. Just once in a while though, something comes along which shakes those views to their very foundation. Allow me to introduce you to Mistress Sidonia Von Bork and The English Mansion

An independently run BDSM site that approaches many areas of the genre with intelligence and a serious approach, this is a site for serious fans of the genre. This probably isn't the place to start if you're looking to ease yourself into the genre gently, you would probably be better off starting with something a bit tamer. But for fervent followers, this is a remarkable site that is one that you should really take seriously. 

The videos are split in to 5 different areas - dungeon, barracks, boudoir, clinic and office, with the photo galleries also arrive in many different types of BDSM content. Mistress Sidonia stars in many of the galleries and videos herself, but there are fairly regular accompanying or stand-alone appearances by other mistresses too. Mistress Sidonia shows no sign of standing aside though as this site grows, with her personal touches including regular diary and forum posts regarding her members' questions. 

It's this attention to detail and general fine touches (even extending to letting you know what time of the day the daily updates will go live depending on where you are in the world) that immediately impress you about The English Mansion. 

But of course, it's the actual action that is the main talking point here, and what an absolute treat The English Mansion is. The action is expertly performed with the occasional pinch of black humour with photo galleries imaginatively used to tell a story rather than just be a set of poses. 

The presentation of the site is also worthy of the highest praise. The videos download really quickly and are very user-friendly in their organisation. The categorisation of the content is fabulous, whilst the use of a symbol key system that tells you exactly what to expect from each video is invaluable and I bloody well wish that every site would use it. The general information and background here is wonderful too - it's a real education if you want to learn about the subject, and you really couldn't have a better teacher. 

It is slightly more expensive than many sites out there, but rarely will you see one that so completely lives up to its worth. The English Mansion isn't BDSM content knocked out by a network who just wanted to have a bondage site on their books - this is bondage by people who know exactly what they're doing for people who know exactly what they want. 

You even get a guide on how to become one of Mistress Sidonia's slaves. It has all angles covered!

The English Mansion is a fabulous landmark site for the BDSM genre. It's arguably the best British site I've ever seen from any niche and is a site that you can tell has had a lot of love and enjoyment put into it. 

If you see a better bondage site than this any time soon then you'll have done very well indeed. If you see a better site from any niche you'll also have done well. Brutally brilliant. 




English mansion femdom videos - femdom video trailers  2

English Mansion femdom movies - femdom movie trailers  3

English Mansion femdom video clips  4

English Mansion femdom movie clips  5

Free femdom video - Free femdom movie  6


The English Mansion site review by Femdom Utopia:

The English Mansion site is a classic site from the UK and includes every form of Female Domination that you can imagine ranging from CBT to Humiliation and Corporal Punishment, Whipping and Spanking through to Foot Domination, CFNM, and Trampling. Not enough? Try medical fetish as well! From the bedroom to the dungeon and from the office to the clinic, whatever you want you will find it at English Mansion.

With well over 100 hours of movie footage in their members area you simply could never get bored, and especially when you consider that the site is updated EVERY SINGLE DAY with new video footage! In effect you can expect over 3 hours of exclusive and completely NEW footage added every single month!

Video clips range from 5 minutes to 1.5 hours in length which is way longer than most full length feature movies that you might see on sale in many adult video stores so you are very unlikely to be disappointed!

The Ladies at English Mansion clearly enjoy their responsibilities of humiliating and degrading male creatures and this is clearly visible from their site!

Part of the beauty of the English Mansion site is its breadth of content themes will make this a site you will love no matter what Female Domination fantasy you lust after.



      site review by Jill: is home to extreme femdom, BDSM action and truly erotic fetish fantasies. You are welcomed by Mistress Sidonia and are invited to watch her and her close circle of friends dominate their real life slaves.

Talk about twisted, Mistress Sidonia enjoys making sure her slaves work up to her fantasies and please her by her very sick, twisted methods, which to be honest, makes viewing much more pleasurable. Mistress Sidonia has very high expectations and if you don't meet up to them then you can expect to be punished.

So, site design, classy, wild and out there, yes all at once! Mistress Sidonia is featured on the home page and she looks scary in anything that she wears, be that a Nazi uniform or a white blouse and black skirt.


There are tons of movies, they run between 15-90 minutes long and can be downloaded or streamed from the site.

The movies and pictures are very graphic with scenes ranging from needles getting plunged into cocks and balls, to cocks being tied up with the balls being clamped and bitten. There is something for all you mad fetish folks out there and this site leaves nothing fetish related to the imagination.

Now it comes to the bonuses, everyone's favourite. With you also get access to message board where you can chat with other viewers and some of the models, you get audio clips, stories, articles and the models' personal diaries. Not much more than that you can ask for huh!

So the price, some would say this site is a bit over priced but personally, when you see the quality of the content and the amount of the content I would say the price was fair, not cheap, not expensive but fair.

So overall I would say the content is plentiful, the quality is very good and the action is very, very good and ranges from update to update. If extreme fetish and femdoms are your thing then I would definitely recommend



The English Mansion site review by FemdomStuff:

For starters The English Mansion has a Kick ass tour. I highly recommend you check it out. Definitely one of the best. And don't miss the FREE movies there either. The tour is several pages long so make sure you see it all.

The lovely Mistress Sidonia Von Bork is the Head Mistress at the English Mansion. If you've ever wanted to visit a site where men truly are treated as sex slaves and nothing more then this is the place. Slaves are used for everything imaginable. Golden showers, full sexual slavery (yes the ladies tie them down and ride them for their pleasure), whippings, beatings, ass and pussy worship, foot worship, maid service, milkings, slaves eating cum, forced bi, strap-ons, TV play, hell it's all here.

The site has many Mistresses you can see on their tour. Lots of ladies that are damn good at what they do. The scenes involve the boudoir, doctor's office, dungeon, office, home, military barracks, prison, etc... They offer every fantasy under the FemDom umbrella and they get it right!

I spent a month downloading content from this site and I never did get everything. It's huge.  They show it all. I promise you won't last 30 minutes on this site without popping the biggest load of slave goo you've ever shot.

One of my favorite movies on this site is a medical inspection movie where a group of women inspect a tied and naked male. They do everything imaginable to this poor bastard including teasing his cock and balls while inspecting his "openings" and learning how to use a submissive male in their own lives. It's very strict and the women are lovely as they genuinely seem to be enjoying the reactions of the male to their "manipulations".

Oh and here's another great little thing - Mistress Sidonia UPDATES HER SITE EVERYDAY! Now that's sweet!

So no matter what your fetish is or what style of FemDom you enjoy, I give you my word that you will find it at The English Mansion.

  • Whippings, Beatings, Spankings
  • Office Domination
  • Golden Showers with Consumption
  • Various Scene Settings
  • Strap-ons, Multiple Insertions
  • Smoking
  • 100% Original Content
  • Forced Milkings
  • Multiple Mistresses
  • Pussy Worship
  • Ass Worship
  • Bi-Slave Action



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