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Husband locked in chastity belt stories - Husband chastity story




Keeping a locked husband

Submitted by: Linda




My husband had adjusted quite well to his CB-3000 since I first started using it three years ago. We got it after I had asked him if his cock ever erected when he looked at other women. He admitted that it did, and I immediately thought it was a bad thing for my husbands cock to erect for any other woman, but me. I just think its best if my husband's cock can't be indiscriminately erecting for any impure thoughts or any sexy woman he happens to see.


We started as many couples do as a way to spice up our sex life, but having my husband kept locked up except when I decide for the past two years now has convinced me that I will never allow his little penis to be free again.


You might think this is cruel, but if you consider ancient Chinese religion, it says that a man has only so many orgasms and when he has expended them he will die, then I am just helping him to live longer. The Monk's practice having sex and not ejaculating to conserve their essence. Evidently while refraining from orgasm for the male is good for him, quite opposite is true for females. The more orgasms a woman has the longer and more fulfilled her life will is said be.


At first I would occasionally lock my husband up in the CB-3000 for short periods, but I liked the way he was so much more attentive and caring to me when I had him locked that I started to keep him locked up for longer and longer periods. I started to make up reasons to not unlock him and he seemed so helpless to do anything about it.


I kept him at two weeks of chastity for about three months. We played some of the chastity games like the dice game, the marble game and the key game for fun. All the games were fun and made me realize that maybe I should just keep my husbands little penis locked up all the time, and that's when we started the point system. He was getting very good at pleasing me orally and that's how he gets me off the best anyway.


The more we played these games and he would earn free time the more I disliked allowing his little penis to be free. After he was allowed to be free and to ejaculate he lost all of his good attributes. He would stop helping around the house and was a lot bitchier.


It was about six months when I started to only allow him out once a month as my new standard. Sure, he would beg me to allow him out and to allow his little penis to erect for at least some pleasure, promising me that he would not ejaculate and lose the desire I had locked up, but I usually denied him. If he was good I sometimes agreed to allow him out on the condition that his hands be handcuffed behind him and I would control what ever he got and then he had to go right back in.

He quickly agreed having already waited three weeks. He quickly stripped and stood before me. I told him to turn around and I locked a cheap pair of handcuffs on him. I then unlocked the cage of CB-3000 and removed it. His little four and half inch penis quickly rose to salute me and it throbbed in anticipation of anything I would offer it.


I reminded him that he promised me that he would not come and that if he did, he would not get out for at least two weeks. On top of that I made it clear to him that I would make him lick up his mistake by squeezing his balls until he complied. I put on an Angora glove (a stimulation his little peter loves) and I started to just lightly stroke his needy little cock. It became so excited it was throbbing at my every touch and was soon leaking pre-come. I wiped it off and had him lick it from my finger while I squeezed his balls to help him. The next time he leaked, I did the same and then it was time for my little toy to be put away.


Oh how he did beg me wanting more, but I was afraid he would lose control, after all men with smaller penises are not known for their stamina. I had to ice it down so it would be small enough to go back in its cage with a little baby oil to help. I also had to unlock one of his hands so he could help me get it back on, but I was careful and locked his other hand to the doorknob.


During the next three days he was even more attentive, caring and helpful than I could have ever imagined, so I asked him if he wanted something? He said he would love to be unlocked and stroked again. I asked him, "You want this even though you know I will not allow you to come?"


He said "Yes! Its funny but I really crave it."


So I did it the same way again until he had leaked twice. I only stroked him for about ten minutes before icing it down and locking its cage back on.


The next month he was begging me for it the first week after I had allowed him to release. He had been so good I told him, "If you are good, I will allow you a ten minute time to be unlocked and I will stroke you once a week!"


I just have to say that as good of a male behavior modifier as a chastity device is, adding the teasing/denial to the program is the ultimate way to modify your husband's behavior. Sure there have been a few times when I did not stop stroking him quickly enough and he started to ejaculate. But, its only a couple of squirts and not a full blown orgasm because I immediately stop and he knows that he has to perform the necessary clean up and then receive nothing for a few weeks. I always make sure he performs his clean up duty by encouraging him with some firm ball squeezing.


Something I thought I would never like is verbally teasing my husband every chance I get about his size or his predicament. It took me awhile to like doing it, but now I can't stop teasing him about his small size, or that I keep it locked up. I have even started to tease him about me getting another man just for sex, since he's so small and has to stay locked up all the time. I have been teasing him lately that if he doesn't earn sex with me in a six week period that I will go out on a date with another man. Boy does that get him going!


Good luck