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The Only Way Out

Submitted by: Anonymous

Tina and I have been married for eight years and it has been good. We have somewhat different tastes sexually but generally get along. She did not object when I asked her to try tying me up and teasing me. She would bring me to the edge a few times and finally release me so that we could have sex. I could tell by how wet she was that she enjoyed the teasing too so I asked her if she would mind making the tease last a few days rather than just an evening. She seemed interested particularly when I told her that I would, of course, perform as much oral sex for her as she cared for during the tease.

It worked pretty well with me restrained but after only three days I masturbated in the shower. I had been seriously teased and brought to the edge repeatedly. She had been very wet and I enjoyed tonguing her to orgasm (several times each night) while playing the role of her captive. I was horny as hell and she had already left for work. I couldnít help myself or rather; I couldnít help helping myself.

I ran across an ad for the CB-2000 and thought it might add a useful measure of control and restraint to our games. I bought one (service was excellent, thank you) and tried it on a few times to get the fit and comfort just right. I then showed it to Tina and she said,

"How does it work? I mean does it really keep you from, you know, playing with yourself?"

"All I ask is you keep the keys and Iíll keep my hands off what I canít reach" I said with a smile. She thought about it for a few minutes and then said,

"I want to think about it for a while. Meanwhile keep your hands above your waist"

The next day when I got home she was waiting for me dressed in a leather miniskirt and a very sheer top. Her breasts, small and high, seemed to jiggle just a bit as she playfully tossed the CB-2000 to me.

"Put it on but let me lock it. Oh, and by the way, there will have to be a few rules, you know. Iíve decided that if I agree to use this thing you will have to earn your release. Iím thinking about being a real bitch about it. Can you agree to letting me decide what you have to do to get out?"

I knew better than to agree to unstated conditions but I found the idea of being locked up so exciting that I agreed. I said I knew better and I did. I would learn that I should be very careful to listen to what Tina said and pay attention to the details but my cock was doing my thinking at this point. Tina could be cruel in a playful way. She once spanked me a bit too hard when I was tied up bent over a chair. She was particularly wet that time and I did sort of enjoy the rough treatment. Still it was clear that Tina knew how to be a bitch.

"Ok" she said. "You put it on, and as I said, I want to lock it and make sure I get all of the keys." I stripped in front of my sexily dressed wife and began to put it on. I got the A-ring on with some difficulty but I had to make a special effort to get my semi-erect cock into the cage. Tina smirked at my difficulties but, when I got the cage in place with the appropriate spacers, Tina was actually eager to slip the lock in place and lock it.

"You may have noticed that I changed the padlock, I found one that seems a bit tougher and now Iím sure I have all of the keys" She smirked a bit as she watched my surprise. I had actually hidden one of the keys in case it got too much to bear. I guess I was in it until Tina decided to let me out.

In any event, there I was, naked and now locked up beginning to feel a bit self-conscious so I said,

"So, what exactly are the terms of my release"

"Well, young man, I think you should have asked about that before you let me lock up your precious cock. It works like this, I will be happy to let you go any time you want so long as you let me give your sweet little bottom a proper spanking, shall we say 100 strokes with the paddle? Yes "100" has a nice round ring to it. Of course, if during the 100 strokes, you find it getting to be a bit, uncomfortable, shall we say, I will of course stop. But if you want to earn your cockís freedom, we will have to start over at one so be sure you can take the full 100 at one sitting, uh,, poor choice of words I guess but you will need to be able to take the full 100 all at one time."

She was inventive, I will admit that. I wasnít sure she was serious about a hundred swats with that vicious frat paddle she had but I knew this, I would have to be pretty damned horny to let her wail away on my ass with a paddle a hundred times.

Over the next week Tina did all she could to drive me crazy. She slinked around the house in little scraps of lace from Victoriaís Secret; she had her hands all over me all the time and she moaned and writhed like a nympho on crack every time I went down on her. She delighted in toying with my nipples and rubbing my trapped genitals and she kept asking me if I was ready to "face" the paddle.

I made it about two weeks before I asked her to release me. She beamed at me and said, "Strip and bend over that chair over there".

I did as I was told and noted that my caged penis was now dripping constantly. I bent over the back of the chair and Tina tied my wrists to the front legs and my ankles to the rear. Secured in this fashion I awaited my spanking.

"Sam, Sam, Sam, you are in trouble. I am sure, by now, youíve noticed that I enjoy your captivity. The hornier you get the better I like it. Your oral sex skills are fantastic and getting better as you get more desperate. I donít know how long Iím going to make you wait but Iím sure you can go a month or two. Meanwhile, if you want to try to survive a paddling at my hands, Iím happy to oblige."

That said she stripped to her thong, tickled my scrotum and patted my ass playfully. "Letís see if we can put some color in your cheeks, shall we?" I grimaced at her pointed little joke and gritted my teeth in preparation.

There was a full-length mirror in front of me and I could see Tinaís near naked athletic body as she stepped behind me and began her wind-up, her small breasts swayed as she swung and quivered as she made contact. I didnít get very much time to enjoy the sight as the impact exploded through my buttocks and I winced in pain.

Over and over she rained down on my ass. I was counting out loud to make sure I didnít have to take even on more blow than I had coming. I held up reasonably well but at 25 I began to rethink my decision. By 30 I knew I couldnít make 100. I asked her to stop.

"Ooh poor baby, how will you ever take the hundred you have coming? Oh, speaking of coming, you wonít be doing any of that anytime soon either"

Tina left me tied to the chair for a while as she moved sensually around the room. I could see her near naked body and it pained me to know that all I could do was watch and lick but not enter.

By Tuesday I could sit comfortably but my balls began to seriously ache. I didnít want to deal with the paddle again but I couldnít go much longer in the cage. When I got home I told Tina I was ready to try again.

"Thatís great but Iím thinking Friday night might be a good time. Why donít you sit tight ëtill then and weíll see if you can get loose, OK? Not that you have any choice in the matter actually. Oh, also you should know, I have decided to make it a bit rougher this time. Youíll still only have to take a hundred from the paddle but I think Iíve found a way to make it more interesting, Youíll see"

I knew I was in trouble so waiting until Friday only added to the growing pressure I was feeling in my groin. By Thursday night Tina was randomly chuckling and seemed to be lost in thought as she looked at me. I was still servicing her regularly and her enjoyment seemed to grow since she told me about her surprise.

With more than a little trepidation I arrived home Friday. As I stepped inside I heard two voices, Tinaís and Leslieís, her somewhat flaky friend from college. I thought for a moment that I was going to get a reprieve. From the looks on both of their faces I realized with horror that Tina and I would have an audience.

It seemed that they understood my reaction and the unspoken fact that both my cage and my ordeal would be witnessed by crazy Leslie who seemed to share Tinaís playfully cruel streak.

I tried to defuse the situation by suggesting a pizza. They both laughed and Tina dashed my hopes by simply saying "Strip, now".

I started to object but stopped when Tina suggested that she would be happy to wait a few more weeks until I was more in the mood. With Leslie gleefully looking on I began to remove all of my clothes. When I was naked, Tina ordered me to pick up my clothes and fold them neatly. Leslie thought it was very funny to watch a naked man obey orders. When my clothes were folded up, Leslie reached over to examine my cage. She was none too gentle and, in their swollen state, my balls were very tender. I began to double up and back away when Tina said.

"Patience Leslie, in a few minutes heíll be tied up and helpless. You can get a better look then. Now, letís get you secured and see if you can earn some release for your poor, poor neglected penis. Leslie, itís been almost three weeks since I locked up Samís penis and heís eager to get it back. Help me tie him, would you?"

Together, these two fully dressed women tied me over the back of a kitchen chair and Tina explained what was going to happen. Leslie was giddy at the prospect of witnessing my ordeal. I found it hard to square my fear with her growing excitement but the kicker came once I was fully secured.

"Letís have a seat and Iíll explain how this all came about. I know Sam is in a hurry but I donít mind spending a bit of time talking about his predicament. Besides I happen to know that he finds it deliciously humiliating to be tied up naked in front of you Leslie and I sense that you sort of enjoy putting him through an ordeal." With that, Tina and Leslie sat down with my naked and soon-to-be savaged ass in clear view. I cannot convey my intense embarrassment except to say that it was soon eclipsed by the humiliation of hearing Tina recount my progress to the point where I found myself today. Here I was, naked, deprived, horny as hell, tied up in front of Tina and Leslie and about to be paddled like a naught boy only much more severely.

"You seeí" Tina began. "Sam always liked it when I would take the lead sexually. I have no problem being the boss and, honestly, I enjoy the superior role. I never would have thought of or even known about these neat little locks for his poor pitiful cock. Sam himself found them and ordered one without even being asked. He thought he would have some trouble talking me into playing with this toy. Little did he know how thrilled I was when he suggested wearing it and giving me the key. The really funny part is that here he is, totally at my mercy, and he has to get through an almost impossible paddling to get free. Iíll bet he never expected to find himself in this spot"

Tina and Leslie found this very amusing and laughed at my obvious embarrassment and began to taunt me about how they were going to redden my ass and I probably still wouldnít get my cock free. This went on for about a half an hour and then they got themselves some wine and then a bit more. As they got a bit looser Tina spoke.

"Leslie" Tina said, "maybe youíd like to deliver the first twenty or so to get poor Samís ass warmed up"

Leslie jumped at the chance and eagerly took up a position behind me and began to wind up for her first strike. Tina said. "Why donít we get out of some of these clothes and see if we canít make Samís ordeal a bit more exquisite?"

So with Leslie in her thong and Tina in hers, my suffering began. Leslie was, if anything, stronger than Tina was and she seemed more eager to beat my ass into submission.

After ten strokes I knew I was in trouble. After twenty Leslie stopped and asked me how I was doing.

"Does you ass hurt a lot? I mean does it hurt more than you balls?" They found this question a whole lot funnier than I did. Leslie insisted on an answer, however so I said, "Right now my ass hurts like hell but my balls have been aching for weeks now. If I donít get some relief soon Iím going to lose my mind"

"Well Iíll do you a favor" Leslie said. "Iíll make sure your ass hurts enough to take your mind off of your balls for a week or more"

With that she began again to swing the paddle. After about twenty more murderous swats, Leslie gave the paddle to Tina who gave my reddened ass a playful couple of pats and said, " Sam, Iím going to enjoy this a whole more than you will so get ready for your poor ass to take the best Iíve got. Remember, be a man about it and your little balls might get the relief theyíre so desperate for". Tina and Leslie found this very funny and were still chuckling when Tina began her savage work.

It was a very long afternoon. I nearly broke down and gave up several times. I cried like a baby and they did everything they could to make me give up but I kept thinking about my balls and made it through. The last ten were counted down dramatically and were the worst of the day but finally Tina delivered the 100th blow and they were through. My ass was on fire and I cannot remember ever feeling such pain but I made it.

"Congratulations Sam you made it!! You get to have your little cock and balls unlocked. You took the best we could give you and you made it." Tina sounded nearly as exultant as I felt and she soon produced the little key I had been dreaming about for nearly a month. "Come here, Leslie and see how this works"

Tina and Leslie busied them selves at my aft end and soon the lock was released and my cock sprang free for the first time in three weeks and achieved a painfully stiff erection almost immediately.

"See how well this works? Heís horny as hell and he would lick my pussy all day every day if I asked him to. Now that heís unlocked I can return the favor and tease him a bit. What do you say Sam, do you want me to lick your cock a little, Would you like Leslie to suck on your cock? What would you like me to do for you?"

Before I could answer Tina spoke up. "Actually, Sam, if you remember our deal, all I offered to do was unlock you if you could take the hundred swats. You took them like a man, Iíll agree, so I unlocked you but there was nothing in our deal about untying you so enjoy your freedom as much as you can, tied to that chair the way you are. Leslie and I are going out for a few drinks. Maybe weíll get lucky but I doubt that you will. When I get back, Iíll lock you back up for a few more weeks. Have a nice evening"

With that, they simply got dressed and left. I spent the next three hours tied and dripping from my rigidly erect cock while I tried to decide whether my ass or my balls hurt more. Late that evening they came back with another woman, Carol, who they had met and told all about me. Apparently she thought they were joking about having a naked man tied up awaiting the re-locking of his neglected cock. Tina used a bag of ice to soften my cock and then reattached the CB-2000. I was locked up again and finally untied. I stood naked in front of these three women knowing that they found my situation both hilarious and that I was beyond embarrassment. I think I set a new record for deep humiliation as they had already hidden my clothes and I had to wait for Leslie and Carol to leave before my embarrassment came to an end for the day.

Tina was true to her word and I did spend the next three weeks locked up. Leslie and Tina enjoyed my plight enormously and delighted in teasing me. After six weeks Tina unlocked me one night after I had licked her to her third orgasm of the day. I shamelessly plunged into her and came within about twenty seconds, a loud, gushing enormous orgasm that drained me so completely that I passed out. When I came to I was locked back up. Iím now on about a three-week schedule and Tina and Leslie and a few more of their friends enjoy putting me through an ordeal each time. About six women altogether know about my captivity and sometimes several of them are at our house to enjoy my torment.

Iíve learned a couple of things from all of this. Tina can be very, very cruel in a playful and sexy way. She has a very edgy group of friends and, lastly, Iíve learned to listen very carefully to precisely what she says. The devil is in the details.