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Sissy chastity Weekend





Good morning my little submissive chastity darlings,


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Perhaps those of you who proved well-behaved and obedient were allowed a release and able to actually touch yourself! Of course this must be done under the watchful and authoritative eye of your girlfriend, wife or Mistress.


If your girlfriend or wife had a date this weekend I trust you were most helpful: shining her shoes, helping her pick out something special to wear for her lover, making their dinner reservations. And while they were out you should have turned down her bed, arranged the candles throughout the room and prepared chilled water, wine and other refreshments for the lovers. Did her lover bring over his laundry for you to do while they were out? Just because you are in chastity does not mean that WE should be denied that glorious, wonderful Alpha-male cock.


My sissy saw to my every need this weekend: cooking, cleaning, serving Me. I love the sound of his high heels click-clacking on the kitchen floor as he scurries about. Yesterday I laced him into a corset for the entire afternoon and evening. It gives him such a girly shape and does wonders for his posture! In the evening he put on a cute black sundress that I bought him as a gift during one of my business trips. He adores it when I bring him girly, sissy gifts. He knelt at my feet and gave me a wonderful foot rub.


I do so love our little chats, but must dash off to work. If you have time today you may pinch your nipples and imagine that it's me playfully flicking the clothespins that I've placed there. You dare not look me in the eye, but the scent of my Chanel drives you mad. In my stiletto heels I tower over you. Can you picture my hands, sheathed in elbow-length black gloves, toying with those tender little buds, twisting and pulling on the clothespins? Those moaning, mewing sounds you make are music to my ears. Yes, I think I'd like that. Pinch them for me baby, be my little bitch.