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Evilmommie's Little Sperm Eater



My husband had a complete aversion to eating his semen, or anyone elseís. The first time I asked him to lick his semen out of my vagina after making love to me, he was quite annoyed. It was John who had encouraged me to dominate him, but he didnít want to do anything too icky. Besides which, I had recently put John into a chastity device and heíd been abstinent for some time, and his semen backlog had risen after Iíd begun tying him down for long teasing treatments, tying Johnnie to a bed or chair and running my long red nails up and down his quivering, unsatisfied shaft, pulling and stroking... and then icing him down and putting him back in the belt! So when he was allowed to mount me, heíd squirted a great deal of semen into me, and he especially didnít want to lick it all out.

"No, Evilmommie, I just canít go there, darling. Iíll clean you out with a rag as I always do." Many women donít even get that treatment from a husband, but as you can tell, Evilmommie wanted more! "Very well, darling." I smiled. "But the next time youíll be out of that thing will be twice as long as the term you just served -- two weeks, perhaps?" John had had fantasies of the chastity device, but heíd quickly grown to hate it, and certainly he didnít want to do more than a few days in it. (Now of course, he is only allowed to cum once every two months) So finally John gagged, and licked me out, and also gave me a couple of orgasms afterwards. He was more than a little turned on by the concept of being forced to eat his own semen, quite obviously! But the revulsion was still there.

After a time, I began having sex with John less, preferring his mouthís attentions. After his spending several hours between my legs, I would unlock the belt and blow him or jerk him off... and then I realized that Evilmommie doesnít have to do all that work! So Iíd have Johnnie masturbate himself into a little dish and go wash it off... and then one day a woman on one of my e-groups challenged me to get Johnnie to lick up his semen. I was a bit chagrined by this, I didnít know how far I could take this thing. After all, John is a successful dentist and a rather attractive man, and he might just think Evilmommie had gone a bit far. We are at that dangerous age... the children have moved out, and I didnít want Johnnie to. But the woman, a Goddess Marguerite encouraged me. "Just do what you did with the belt, darling" she wrote. "Make the poor bugger stay locked up until he complies." And it worked! I got the curt refusal "No I wonít lick my own semen" and this time I had him locked for a month, and amazingly! John quite docilely licked up his sperm the next time he was allowed release. So now he was either licking it out of me or off the plate whenever he was allowed out of the chastity device. With my constant milking and teasing of Johnnieís little penis, he was always quite ready to release, and at some point I rather think he wouldíve licked up nuclear waste if Iíd required it.

But then gradually, I began seeing other men ( I found I was to be somewhat turned off at the sight of a quivering, nude ball of jelly crouched on the Oriental rug, slobbering over the tips of my nice calfskin pumps... much more fun to enjoy the attentions of a nice, muscular bicycle courier, or perhaps thatís just me!) and I completely stopped sleeping with John, only enjoying his oral attentions, quite often after Iíd been visiting others.

One afternoon, after Iíd spent the morning with my tennis pro and the afternoon with the UPS man, I was lying rather exhaustedly on the couch. I felt I should douche, as the two young menís loads were almost falling out of me. But then the door opened and John came in from work. He saw me lying on the couch, with my robe open and a bit of mess coming out, and his face darkened. There was nothing, NOTHING the man could do about this adultery business, but he certainly became quite angry about it. "Darling, I -- I feel a bit messy." I confessed after heíd taken off his jacket and kissed me on the cheek. "Wonít you clean me out?" I winked. "They call them creampies, you know." John stamped his foot. "Mean another manís sewage? Evilmommie, perhaps you have finally gone too far." I smiled, and reached out to unbuckle Johnís pants, and as they dropped to his ankles, I unlocked and removed his chastity device (keep the key around your neck, girls!) and began to massage his poor, neglected penis. It quickly hardened, and Johnnie moaned. I had been putting him through all kinds of hell with my long, penile massages... Iíd gone from jerking him hard and fast, again and again to the point that heíd be about to release and then stopping... to forbidding him orgasm! It would be Johnnieís responsibility to hold back. I tried to tease and massage him every day, and at this point in our relationship, the poor boy was only allowed to cum about once a month, and then of course it was jerking off into the dish, and slurping it up.


John had now been denied 18 days, and was quite horny, as I spent a great deal of time running about in tight, frilly outfits that exposed my bulging cleavage and long legs. Just now, it was true that my pussy was seeping shamefully, but I had a pale blue brassiere on under my gown, and I began giving John little peeks at my cleavage as I casually stroked his stiffening rod. I ran my nails around the head of Johnís cock taking the foreskin between my thumb and middle finger and pulling it back and forth, very gradually, teasing the frenum. John looked quite stubborn, though. He had terrible resentments against my infidelities, especially since all of his orgasms were controlled by me! I could blow and fuck who I liked, and Johnnie couldnít even jerk off without permission! But my rubbing was having some sort of effect on him. Johnís teeth were gritted, his cock was a missile,and preejaculate was slowly dripping from the glans. Pumping his cock slowly, I asked again "Darling boy, canít you consider your Evilmommieíe needs? Those bad men who were here er-violating me mean NOTHIING to Evilmommie. Darling, please clean Evilmommie out, and Iíll give you a little treat!"

I showed John my bra again, and I swung my breasts about seductively. Johnís mouth watered. I pulled the tip of Johnnieís penis to the tips of my cleavage, and poked his poor, frustrated cock between my pink breasts sloowwwly. John is not allowed to touch my breasts often, or even see them uncovered, though the "covers" I use for them are not very baggy... usually snug sweaters and tight t-shirts, even at my age. I pushed his penis further between my tender breasts and blew cool air on the purple glans and then licked the tip a bit, as it popped out of the cleavage again. Then I began toying with the foreskin and tickling the scrotum with my other hand, and did my nails tickle that poor groin of his! John giggled, and I think then he forgot the other men. I played along the middle of his violent, trembling shaft, alternately pumping hard and then very slowly, and he moaned, and even more preejaculate was drooling down his penis. But John still shook his head when I pointed to my vagina. Annoyed, I stood up and pointed to the arm of the sofa, and and John sighed and bent over, his bare bottom sticking up as his hard cock pressed against the itchy material of the sofa arm. I went over and picked up my trusty razor strop and walked casually back over to where Johnís bottom was sticking out.

"Sweetness, Evilmommieís not mad at you, honey. This is just a part of your training.honey. Are you absolutely certain that you wonít clean Evilmommie out?" Johnnie began to cry a bit. "Not-not their mess. Just mine." John coughed. "I am after all your husband" he added bitterly. I sighed and gave Johnnieís bottom the first lash WHACK! "What do you say, Johnnie?" I asked quietly. "Th-thank you Evilmommie." WHACK WHACK "Thank y-you Evilmommie" I began feeling revolted. John could never take pain as well as some of the other slave-men at our local S/M club. When I was attempting to train Johnnie to take his whippings in silence, Iíd promise him a blowjob which he hadnít had in years, if he could just take the lashing with the strap, cane or scourge like a "little man" Johnnie would drop his pants, his eyes glistening at the memories of my full lips around his cock, and then heíd bend over... and every time, after about the eighth stroke, his "Thank you, Evilmommie" would turn into "th-thank -- sob-please, no more -- thank (sob) you, Evil-Mahm -- please no more!" Usually after he began crying in earnest, Iíd get furious and give him about thirty more strokes, after each of which Johnnie would just scream and struggle and then I would order him into the corner, and my daughter and her sorority sisters (who for some reason found this quite amusing) would chuckle as Johnnie shuffled to the corner, his pants bunched around his ankles and his poor bottom welted red.

Today was no different, I whipped Johnnie for about ten minutes, and then he was on his knees, grabbing his butt with both hands and weeping. "Please donít make me lick up that scum, oh please... " So I turned tender again, and reached down to stroke his penis affectionalely. "Be a good boy and lick it up all now, and itíll be over, and Iíll let you take Evilmommieís panties into the potty room and you can do your business in them... " Johnnieís eyes lit up. It is sad that a former Marine, and a medical doctor who once slept with five or six women at a time, even several years into our marriage, had now been degraded into wanting, or at least being pleased by so little, but finally Johnnie nodded happily and he licked me out and once again, licked for several moments longer, and heís never objected to creampies or semen, his or anyone elses. Unfortunateley, when he finished, he looked at me expectantly. Then he was shocked when I attempted to stuff his cock back into the chastity device. "B-buh Evilmommie, you said Johnnie could take your panties -- " I finally got annoyed at the hardness of Johnnieís cock and I got my whippy cane and WHACKED it into limpness. As Johnny was weeping once again, I locked him in. "Yes, sweetness I will let you jerk off into Evilmommieís panties, but you get two months of celibacy for all the fuss you put up first. Anything else?" I added severely. "No Evilmommie dearest."

Wonderful! Then why donít you go get Evilmommieís dinner together." Johnnie pulled up his pants and walked off to the kitchen sobbing softly.

And thatís how I taught my husband to eat sperm!

Love, Evilmommie