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A Year in The Cage

Fiction Submitted by: Throne




All I thought I was doing was to flirt a little with some of the women at our office party, but I had a few drinks too many and got carried away. Not that I did anything extreme - just enough that a half-dozen female co-workers were ready to slam me with a long list of formal complaints. Actually, I guess I'd been kind of a sex-pest for since I took charge of the office six months earlier.


Instead of getting me fired, though, they went to my wife Gina with a novel offer: Gina is all too familiar with my constant horniness and maybe I was kind of selfish in bed... maybe that helped her decide with their idea. When she gave me 'The Ultimatum', I couldn't believe it.


"A Chastity Device? On me?"

"That's their offer: your 3-piece set will be under Lock and Key." My sexy wife paused for a moment, smirking at me. "And you'll wear panties and serve as my housemaid."

"They demanded that, too?"


She didn't reply, just waited for my answer. What else could I do? I agreed.

"Fine. Here's what they want you to wear." It was a cage that closed snugly over my testicles, and a plastic tube that covered my shy penis. The two parts hooked together and could be kept that way with a smasll padlock. But before I donned the awful thing, under Gina's watchful eye, I had to shave my privates with my electric razor till everything was absolutely hairless. Then she made me lock myself in that awful device.


Even though the end of the tube was open, she explained, I would have to sit to urinate. She locked the padlock and put the key on a chain around her neck. The key rested above her deep cleavage like a a precious jewel in a soft gold setting, and as I watched hungrily she stripped down to her underwear - which she'd just bought at a shop specializing in kinky lingerie!


All at once my discomfort was joined by an overwhelming Sexual Need! Gina stepped close and grazed her body against mine. Her hands went to my bare hips and she pulled our pelvises together. My arousal was immediate. With the tube on, however, my dick could harden... but not enlarge! Only the protuding head could swell - a little!


She closed her soft hand around it and whispered, "You're coming up short, Dear. How lucky for you that the most sensitive spot is exposed..." She massaged it gently, "...and how unlucky that the rest isn't!"


"Gina - please..."

Gina shushed me. "You have to take your punishment, Dear, for as long as those secretaries decide it needs to continue. And they want me to report on whether you've learned to respect a woman. Now let's go to bed so I'll have something to tell them."

"How am I supposed to satisfy you?"


"With your mouth, silly. You've never wanted to do that, never wanted to put my pleasure first, but now you'll love to - every time I want it."


I followed her to the bedroom, unable to take my eyes off her rolling bottom in those silk panties. She slipped out of them slowly, sensuously strolled to the dresser, and gave me MY panties: they were filmy and pink, with an opaque crotch panel that hid my trapped manhood.


"Relax," Gina smiled, "you'll learn to love it. For now, your tongue will be in me more than your dick." She took my face between her hands and kissed me, slowly, forcefully, using her tongue to simulate cunnilingus on my mouth. It was terribly lewd and wildly exciting. Then she licked my nipples. I was astounded by how sensitive they were. By the time she stretched out on the bed and parted her legs, I was crazy with desire, yet all I could do was orally service her.


After a noisy orgasm, she allowed me to poke the engorged head of my penis into her. It felt so good I gasped.

"Go on," She whispered, "move it in and out. Just the tip, though." As I moved into position, she stroked my nipples again, and sighed, "Ohh, your mini-manhood feels so nice! It'll keep me excited... and keep you frustrated ... till I send you back down there to give me another climax."




The next day I returned to the office, my chastity device still locked, wearing red panties under my trousers. No one could see anything, but I was aware of it every second. Unhappily, so were all the secretaries. All morning they gave me amused looks and went out of their way to be enticing. By midday, they were finding excuses to brush up against me. In the past I would have loved that, and I thought of all the times I had 'accidentally' fondled them - now it was erotic torture.

Then at quitting time I got a big surprise. All six of them stood in front of the door so I couldn't leave.


"All right," Terry, a trim blonde grinned at me, "let's see it."


"See what?" I asked softly. I didn't want their revenge to go on any longer than necessary.

"Show us your pretty panties - and the Birdcage your wife put on you. Drop your pants - NOW!"


I stammered out a protest, but they showed no mercy. Red-faced, I undid my belt and pushed down my trousers. Then I just stood there with my red panties on display as they snickered and commented on the girlish attire. I didn't want to prolong the humiliation, but going on to the next step would be even worse. They let me suffer and fidget a while before Terry ordered me to get my panties down around my ankles. Utterly shamed, I did as she said. They crowded close to examine my imprisoned privates. Someone told me to unbutton my shirt and someone else said to toy with my nipples. At first, I was too stunned to obey. Then I realized they weren't going to back down, so I did it.... which gave me a new erection!


"Wow," Anne, a luscious brunette I had always lusted after, whistled appreciatively. "That cock box realy keeps him small."

"Could be," said Beatrice, who is black, twisting her wide lips in a grin, "but his wife tells me he ain't big out of it either."

"Well now that he's in it, she says he's learned to use his tongue in a hurry," Terry smirked.


Having these details revealed made my burden of shame almost too heavy to bear. They made me shuffle around with my ankles hobbled by my panties, and laughed at the sight of my captive penis waving in front of me. I was interrogated about what it was like to be aroused with no chance of relief. Finally, they made me sit in my office chair and play with my caged penis to their vast amusement.



That evening, at home, Gina made me recount everything that went on at work. She had me kiss her crotch through her panties to remind me of my low status, declared there was too much housework to have time for Sex.


"Besides," She smiled, "I got to come TWICE last night; I won't hurt me to wait till tomorrow. And it won't matter to you, because as long as I hold the Key, you're not going to have any fun anyway."


She laughed at me openly. I just blushed and bowed my head, suddenly realizing how much I had been broken in such a short time. What would I become if this went on for a week? A month? or longer...?


My housecleaning outfit was a frilly apron and nothing else. It was shameful having to work with my backside exposed for her amusement. When I made a mistake, Gina went to the kitchen for a wooden spoon to swat my bottom with. Hours later, I was finally done, and my backside was on fire from liberal use of the spoon. I was completely exhausted, but Gina consoled me by removing the apron and stroking me all over - which brought on a fresh wave of painful frustration...

"Since you can't perform like a man," She mused, studying my agony with a smile, "I don't see why you should look like one... at home here, anyway."


She made me rub hair remover all over my body and shower it off. I was left with a body smooth, silky, and blush-pink. She fussed with my hair, then had me slip into a translucent yellow nightie with matching panties. I was shocked to see how girlish I looked. And worse: how much Gina loved it!



The next six months were decisive. Gina has orderd me to summarize them so everyone who reads this will see what she did to destroy the man I used to be. Later, she says she'll have me go back and detail certain events because she loves to make me re-live the humiliation.


First she told me my situation at work was more precarious than it had appeared: the secretaries were still considering a lawsuit. To placate them, she said they should e-mail her every day with any new offenses I had committed. At night she would punish me, and I would have to report the punishment - and recount it - next day at the office. Gina also decided since I might get sued, all our assets should be in her name, which I reluctantly went along with.


Next she did lots of small things. For instance, she switched my membership at a local gym to her name. I hadn't wanted her working out there because I knew every male eye would be on her... and that's exactly what happened. She delighted in telling me all about it in bed, while she sexually teased me as I orally served her. As always, Gina focused her conversation on my confined genitals.


"...and I'll tell you another thing: the guys there don't make much effort to hide it if they're well hung. With you in your current state I find I'm very aware of what other men have down there."

"But Gina," I wailed, "if you'd only take this contraption off..."


"What?" She snapped. "And go back to having selfish sex where only you get satisfied? No thanks - I prefer our new arrangement with your mouth achieving what your dick never did. I notice that the more I tease you the better job you do down there. Besides, we're not going back to you trying to lay every woman in your office, now, are we? Isn't that how you got into this mess? By trying to cheat on me?"


"Yes dear." I admitted.


"And it's not all bad for you. Don't you get to see me in all the new lingerie I bought? Don't I let you touch my body whenever I want? And don't I touch you?" She caressed my nipples. It felt like my balls werre being squeezed, I was so horny.


At work the women continued to arouse and torment me, joking about my chastity device constantly, made me crouch under their desks to massage their feet. Ann liked to make me kneel and check her pantyhose for runs.


They also took over my work. I had been delegating most of it to them anyway, and they were angry when they discovered just how little I actually used to do myself. They made me recommend Terry for promotion to my Executive Assistant. I hoped desperately that it wouldn't be approved.


In their e-mails to Gina the girls acused me of staring lasciviously at them - as if I could help it in my frustrated state! They also said I'd been shunting my workload increasingly onto them, and that I was now free to perform tasks more suited to my new status, like making cofee, sharpening pencils, filing and straightening.


At the same time, they reversed the sexual harassment I had practiced on them for so long. They stared, made comments and, as they grew bolder, patted my bottom. Gina suggested they each do something to "soften my image". They let me squirm for a week while they made their decisions. Then, between the six of them, they made me shave my sideburns, wear clear lip gloss and nail polish, put blonde highlights in my brown hair, plucked and shaped my eyebrows, and had one of my ears pierced and fitted with a small gold ring. Gina contributed some colorful shirts and tight pants.


Every day I was sent out of the office on some minor errand, on foot, so people could see me. Generally, men looked disapproving and women amused. Sometimes, though, a man would ask me to "sit and chat." It got worse after they bought me sunglasses with white frames and pink lenses.



At the end of that half-year I was desperate. Every hour brought fresh torment. Gina granted me one sexual climax every so often, but she always made them humiliating. Whenever she removed the chastity device, I had to begin playing with myself. Once or twice I protested that I wanted to fuck her, but she just smiled and scolded me with, "So my little pet doesn't want to play with his bitty toy? No? Then we'll lock it up for another few weeks and see how Pet feels about it then."


Sometimes after I started masturbating, she made me stop and locked me in again. When I was allowed to 'squirt' as she called it, I had to lap up every drop under her watchful gaze. I had lost my muscle tone from not going to the gym, and since she forbade me to see a barber, my hair was down past my collar.


I had devised a plan to get myself out of this mess when I was hit with two set-backs: Tery got the promotion to Office Manager I had 'recommended' her for. She was supoposed to help me, but instead she took over my work completely; I was reduced to Office Boy status and assigned to clean the Ladies' Room. Then Gina informed me I was broke. After I had put everything in her name, she had moved all our assets to where I could never get at them again. She had sold off almost all the property I owned and invested it wisely. The one remaining building she turned into a storefront with an upstairs rental apartment... then leased it to a woman who opened a kinky boutique! Gina was getting rich and I was put on a tiny allowance which I didn't get till I 'earned' it.


The girls at work fussed with my hair and introduced me to cosmetics. If I protested, they made me rmove my tight pants, lower my frilly panties, and stand for an hour with my chastity on display. "Do you expect us to let you look like a man when you have to wear THAT?" they teased. "And when you aren't allowed to grow body hair?"


"And when you can't have sex with your own wife?" They bent me over my old desk - now Terry's - and swatted my bottom with a ruler, taking turns until I broke down crying. Then, with my red bottom still on display, I had to phone Gina and tell her what happened. She was infuriated that I tried to stand up to the girls, and told them to bring me to the new boutique after work. They put lots of makeup on my face and sprayed and styled my hair into an eye-catching 'doo.


The girls car-pooled to the shop, but I had to walk the whole ten blocks, with everyone gawking at my gender-bent appearance. I was relieved to duck into the safety of the boutique, until I saw that most of the customers were cross-dressers and bondage enthusiasts. Gina loudly introduced me to them as her slave-husband, then ordered me to strip so everyone could admire my chastity. As I stood there nearly naked, smooth-skinned and girlishly coiffed and made-up, Gina solicited opinions on how I should be dressed. I ended up in lacy bra and panties, elastic-top stockings, a tiny skirt and a colorful sleeveless top. Someone stuffed false breasts into the bra. High heels were strapped on my feet to make me swish my butt when I walked. As I paraded around the shop at Gina's command, the mirrors reflected back at me the image of a gaudy tart. Sticks of gum were stuffed in my mouth and I was ordereed to chew them 'to enhance your new look'.


"I'm so disgusted with you," Gina announced, "From now on you can stay dressed this way to remind you not to disobey the ladies at work."


Any chance of me disobeying was removed a week later when I was demoted and Terry was given my job. I would have been fired, but Terry convinced the company to keep me on as a fill-in. I got all the worst jobs and frequently had to hand-deliver documents to firms around the city, which kept me on public display.


Gina has begun dating. She loans me to the other girls on a rotating basis so that I spend one night a week with each of them. It seems like they save up all their sexual energy to release when I am with them.


On my one night a week with Gina, she removes my chastity belt and give me three minutes to cum - under the most embarrassing circumstances she can think up. If I don't, it means another week's wait.


That's how low I've sunk in a year. I blush to think what another 12 months will bring.